Blow Pops Bulk - 6.5lb

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18 lollipops per pound

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Any child of the 80s and 90s will remember the colorful commercials that aired for Charms Blow Pops. With flavors like watermelon, sour apple, cherry, strawberry and grape, these sugary treats were at the top of any kid's favorite candy list. Now you can relive those fun, bubblegum filled moments with our bulk Blow Pop pack! You receive an assortment of your favorite Charms lollipops that are perfect for birthday parties, picnics, holiday celebrations and other gatherings.

Each Blow Pop starts with a hard fruit flavored candy shell. Chewy bubble gum is hidden inside, adding excitement to every lick! Our bulk candy pack includes individually wrapped lollipops that you can keep at home or use for events. Take them to hand out at your child's after school event or put a few in a jar at the office to share with coworkers. No kid ever gets too old to enjoy the sweet, sugary goodness of a classic Charms Blow Pop!

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18 lollipops per pound

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