Blue Raspberry Gummy Rings Candy - 5lb

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65 rings per pound (325 total)

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Everyone loves the sugary, chewy taste of gummy rings! There's something fun about the round shape and open center that is the trademark of this type of candy. Stretch them, wear them as a ring or take a bite and savor the sweet taste of blue raspberry. Each gummy ring includes a soft center that's covered in a dusting of delectable sugar. Our blue raspberry version features a half white and half blue pattern.

The two color combination makes these a great choice for baby showers and wedding favors. Hand them out at birthday parties or use them to make a child's holiday even sweeter. Our bulk gummy rings are also great for use in edible crafts and party games. Let children thread them on a string to make wearable bracelets that they can eat! Use them to dress up gingerbread houses with snowy texture. No matter how you enjoy them, our gummy rings will make any event or project even better!

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65 rings per pound (325 total)

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