Gimbals Jelly Beans Blueberry - 10lb

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Gimbals jelly beans offer big flavor in a small bean. There's something irresistible about the bold colors and fun shape of this type of candy. Jelly beans have grown in popularity since they were first introduced as a unique way to send jellies to Civil War soldiers.

In the 1930s they became a popular Easter candy. Today many people enjoy them as a seasonal favorite and everyday snack. Our bulk jelly beans give you more ways to prepare for events, celebrations and much more! This package includes a large quantity of blueberry jelly beans made by Gimbals!

You get plenty of beans to share in candy dishes, party favors or the office candy jar! Each bean includes a deep blue color and smooth texture that's pleasing to look at and enjoyable on the tongue. Gimbals jelly beans are always soft and chewy so you can savor every bite. Give the gift of jelly beans or keep a package on hand so you always have a sweet treat ready to go at home!

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