Bonomo Turkish Taffy Bites - 216pc Tub

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What do you do if you're craving Bonomo Turkish taffy but don't want to have to settle on just one flavor? Our Bonomo Turkish taffy bites are the solution!

This delectable confection includes all your favorite flavors, each portioned into bite-size morsels that are individually wrapped so you know they will stay fresh and enjoyable!

Each tub contains a generous number of pieces so you have plenty to go around. Use them as an easy snack when your sweet tooth can't decide between soft taffy and hard candy! Each piece includes the same texture as the full size Taffy bars.

Our enormous bulk Bonomo Turkish taffy bites tub is a must-have for parties and events. Place them out and let guests grab a few or get fancy and add them to candy dishes or jars to set on tables. Turkish taffy also makes a great filler for treat bags and wedding favors.

Assortment may include up to 4 fabulous flavors: Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla.

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