Trolli Brite Octopus Sour Gummi Candy - 12ct Bags

  • $31.99

Sour gummy octopi are long on sourness and plentiful on legs!

Price per bag: $2.67

Product Details

Why didn't the octopus go to the zoo? He had an 'ink-ling' that it would rain! These Trolli Brite Octopus Sour Gummi Candy are as funny as they are delicious and we're sure you'll love them from first bite. With 8 legs of delicious, sour gummy chew, you'll have a ton of snacking to do with every candy.

Bring some home if you have a family who loves everything aquatic. Add some to a pinata to make the little ones squeal. Even give them to someone as a gag gift if they get the heebie jeebies from these creepy sea crawlers. Whatever you do, you'll love these tentacles of delicious flavor.

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