Bronze Dark Chocolate Hearts - 5lb

Bronze Dark Chocolate Hearts - 5lb
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Bronze dark chocolate hearts are a simple candy that's absolutely breathtaking to see! Each piece is designed to offer a versatile yet beautiful appearance that hides a delicious piece of dark chocolate.

Just like our other chocolate hearts, this version is covered in a thin foil wrapper that's a shimmering bronze hue. The surface looks gorgeous in any lighting or setting! Simply unwrap the bronze foil and take a bite of rich, delectable dark chocolate!

Each smooth heart candy is made of solid dark chocolate so you get more of the candy you love without an unnecessary fluff. Our bulk chocolate hearts pack gives you many pieces that are convenient for special occasions. Hearts are always a great choice for Valentine's Day and wedding favors.

Our bronze dark chocolate hearts are especially versatile. Serve them to guests at Christmas, birthday parties or keep them at home as a quick and easy treat.

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