Bubble Gum Cigars - 36ct

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It's a boy! It's a girl! Back in the day, the birth of every baby was celebrated with a puff of a cigar in the waiting room. Nowadays, you can enjoy this ritual in a fruitier and healthier way with these Bubblegum Cigars.

They are an innocent and delicious way to celebrate any exciting occasion and come in cute little boxes that resemble the humidors of old. In every red box, you can enjoy orange, grape, and strawberry flavors. And in every yellow box, look forward to chewing on a mix of banana, apple, and fruity flavors. Puff, chew, blow bubbles, and celebrate with every delicious bubblegum cigar in this bulk selection.

SKU: U319037-3

Flavor List

Orange, Grape, and Strawberry (red box)

Banana, Apple, and Fruit flavors (yellow box)

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