Bull's Eye Caramel Creams Theater Box - 12ct

Bull's Eye Caramel Creams Theater Box - 12ct CandyStore.com
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Bulls-Eyes caramel candies are one of the smoothest, chewiest treats you can add to your candy collection! This classic confection brings together two delicious ingredients.

Each piece is round, bite-sized and arrives individually wrapped in clear plastic with the familiar red Goetze's logo right at the center. Our theater candy boxes are convenient and contain plenty of pieces for one or two people!

Every Bulls-Eyes caramel includes two main parts. The outside is a thick ring of delectable caramel. The middle includes a circle of rich creamy confection. Each bite gives you a bit of both flavors to produce the most irresistible combination for anyone who adores the sweet, savory taste of caramel!

Our bulk caramel candy package contains several theater boxes so you have plenty to use as party favors or a quick snack at home. Host your own movie night complete with sweet concessions or take a theater box with you as an easy snack at work!

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