Buttered Popcorn Taffy - 3lb

Buttered Popcorn Taffy - 3lb CandyStore.com
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Indulge customers with Sweet Candy® Company's Buttered Popcorn Taffy, a unique and premium-quality, individually-wrapped yellow taffy.

72 pieces per pound (216 total)

Price per pound: $8.00

Product Details

Buttered popcorn taffy is an unusual treat with tons of nostalgic appeal. Taffy is a longstanding favorite among candy lovers of all ages. For generations, this chewy treat has been earning new fans as children get their first bite of their favorite flavors. Now there's even more reason to try classic taffy thanks to the wide variety of delicious flavors, like this unique creation!Our buttered popcorn taffy includes a round bite-sized piece of soft, chewy confection. Each comes individually wrapped in clear paper so you can admire the brilliant yellow color of the candy.Enjoy that smooth texture with the taste of a fresh popped bucket of popcorn smothered in melted butter – just like you would snack on at the cinema! Bulk taffy is a great choice for parties and baby showers or can be used to make fabulous wedding favors that match your color scheme. Enjoy buttered popcorn taffy alone or with any of our other taffy candies!

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72 pieces per pound (216 total)

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