C. Howard's Scented Gum - 24ct

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C. Howard's Scented Gum smells like violets, which will excite your taste buds before you even pop one in your mouth. When you see candy in purple packaging you immediately assume that it is grape, right? Not these!

C. Howard's Company was founded back in 1934. Mr. Howard invented this delightful candy in a small loft on Broadway in New York City. He named it "Choward's Violet," and began selling it on street corners in Manhattan. It became an instant hit.

The flavor excites the palate and freshens breath. These candies are only 20 calories, and are completely fat-free. Plus, C. Howard's Scented Gum comes in a vintage purple box sure to add personality to any event. Whether you are planning a vintage party or simply looking for a unique candy that will literally surprise your taste buds, C. Howard's Scented Gum is an obvious pick.

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8 pieces per pack

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