Candy Pebbles - 5lb

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Candy pebbles are packed with delicious flavor!

80 pieces per pound (400 total)

Price per pound: $8.80

Product Details

Candy pebbles may look like little rocks, but they are actually packed with delicious flavor! These eye-caching candies look unique and offer a snacking experience that's completely unique.

Grab one or a handful and taste each miniature stone. Every piece includes a different shape for a more natural appearance that almost looks like holding a handful of real pebbles!

Along with an organic shape, our candy pebbles also feature a number of gorgeous colors. Try a red, purple, blue, gold or white. Each is covered in white or black speckles to recreate the look of the real thing. Candy pebble are a great alternative to chocolate rocks.

Pour in a bowl and serve as a simple snack or use them to create unique party favors. You can even use them to fill your wedding favors or incorporate them into your holiday festivities! From cake decorating to casual eating, there are many ways to enjoy our bulk candy pebbles.

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80 pieces per pound (400 total)

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