Caramello Bar Kingsize - 18ct

Caramello Bar Kingsize - 18ct
  • $44.99

2.7 ounces per box

Price per unit: $2.50

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King size Caramello candy bars feature break-able sections of creamy caramel surrounded by rich milk chocolate. Each box contains a number of individually wrapped bars that contain several sections that can be bit or broken off. Enjoy gooey caramel and sweet chocolate in every single bite of this Cadbury favorite!

Individually wrapped candy bars are a convenient choice for snacking. Bring one or two with you or keep an entire box at work so you never have to go far to get your sweet fix. Our bulk candy box contains many bars so they last a long time! Kids also love the great taste of caramel and chocolate after school or as a delicious dessert. Break pieces apart and use as a topping for ice cream! Give away these full size candy bars on Trick or Treat night or use them in treat bags for parties. Remember to keep a few on hand just in case guests stop by!

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2.7 ounces per box

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