Cherry Fizzies Candy - 6ct

Cherry Fizzies Candy - 6ct
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An effervescent sugar-free candy tablet that's fun in a glass of water and electrifying in your mouth, a Cherry Fizzies Candy makes a delightful science experiment with your favorite youngsters (babysitters take note!) and delivers a spiffy candy experience when you drop it on your tongue or just crunch it whole.

Move aside, modern water enhancers , Fizzies are a retro candy with the same flavorful effect, and cherry is one of the timeless original flavors. And you can just eat them straight, too! Each wholesale box of Cherry Fizzies offers this candy in appealing retro packaging that looks great in welcome baskets and enhances a gift with classic nostalgia.

Make your own non-carbonated, cherry-flavored punch, or just pop one into your mouth to enjoy a multi-sensory candy experience with Fizzies candies that sparkle on your tongue!

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