Cherry Roses Nougat Fluff - 3lb

Cherry Roses Nougat Fluff - 3lb
  • $28.99

Price per pound: $9.66

Product Details

Cherry roses nougat fluff is a sweet and chewy confection that comes with an elegant presentation. If you're searching for a tasty treat that looks amazing in candy jars, glass dishes or as part of party favors, you're in luck!

Our cherry rose nougat fluff candy offers a winning combination of fruit flavor and gorgeous appearance. Each round morsel features a light pink hue that's decorated in a red and green rose at the center. Our bulk cherry rose nougat fluff candy comes individually packaged in a clear wrapper so you can see the floral pattern before opening.

That's also why they make great filler for wedding favors and much more. Serve them up during special occasions like baby showers, birthday parties and receptions or keep a package at home to offer guests. Don't forget to order extra so you have some to cherry roses nougat fluff to hide in the pantry as a quick sweet snack!


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