Chick-O-Stick Box - 36ct

  • $17.99

Peanut butter and coconut crunchy flaky candy is a little sweet and a little salty!

Price per stick: $0.50

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This big Chick-O-Stick Box is calling your name if you love crunchy, flakey, savory peanut butter. A classic candy,, this inventive and different confection is full of flavor and texture your mouth and mind will enjoy.

With individually wrapped sticks, you'll be able to devour one at a time, pack some into a lunch box for a delightful surprise, add some to gift baskets or Christmas stockings or unwrap them and use them as utensils for eating ice cream! Use your imagination and go with your gut to come up with ways of how you can eat these Chick-O-Stick Box candies. No matter what you choose, we know you'll love munching and crunching on them.

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