Chocolate Caramel Squares Candy - 5lb Bulk

Chocolate Caramel Squares Candy - 5lb Bulk
  • $36.99

Indulge in a nostalgic, chocolatey caramel treat with individually wrapped squares of rich chocolatey caramel.

45 pieces per pound (225 total)

Price per pound: $7.40

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We love that these Chocolate Caramel Squares Candies come wrapped in cellophane so we can see right through to the deliciousness! And why would anyone want to cover up a candy that features a delicious milk chocolate square of amazingness and a melty, chewy caramel center inside?

Are you a major proponent for Chocolate Caramel Square Candies? Then you've hit the jackpot here on CandyStore. com because we have tehm in bulk at budget friendly prices. This means you can bring home hundreds of these Chocolate Caramel Square Candies to chow down on for weeks to come. Or however long your sweet tooth allows.

SKU: K332395

45 pieces per pound (225 total)

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