Vanilla Caramels Chocolate-Covered - 6lb

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Chocolate covered caramels from Asher's and their magic elves!

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Product Details

Chocolate, vanilla and caramel are three of the most popular flavors in the candy world. Our delicious chocolate collection brings you a one-of-a-kind confection that combines all three in the most delightful way!

Our chocolate covered vanilla caramels are sure to satisfy even the most demanding sugar cravings with a combination of richness and sweetness. Every bite-sized piece includes a generous filling packed with solid caramel flavored with a hint of delectable vanilla.

The outside is covered in a smooth blanket of milk chocolate accented by alternating chocolate drizzle. Not only are these chocolate candies delicious, but they're also very elegant to look at.

Arrange them on a tray for guests or add to wedding favors to send your guests off with an edible gift that includes high quality gourmet chocolate! Our bulk candy pack makes it so easy to get the quantity you need for events of any size.

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Flavor List

Milk, Dark or White Chocolate

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