Chocolate Gummi Bears - 8lb Tub

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152 bears per pound (1216 total)

Price per pound: $11.87

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Get ready to have your mind blown with chewy and gummi goodness! These classic Gummi Bears are dipped in milk and white chocolate to add another dimension to the classic candy's deliciousness.

Do you know someone who loves chocolate and gummies? Want to add something extra special to someone's birthday party? Just can't decide if you have a craving for sweet or chocolatey? Look no further with these complex cubs. Their depth of flavor will please all of your friends and family. And their adorable bite size stature make them perfect for snacking or a formal affair. We for one, think they're ''bear-resistible!''

SKU: O345005

152 bears per pound (1216 total)

Flavor List

Milk or White Chocolate.

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