Chocolate Rocks - 5lb

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Natural looking rock candies are gorgeous and so sweet to the taste buds!

1200 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $11.00

Product Details

Rocks aren't normally very appetizing, unless they are chocolate rocks! These natural looking candies are absolutely gorgeous to see and so sweet to the taste buds.

If you love cocoa flavor, then you will fall in love with these charming little edible pebbles. Each includes a dense chocolate candy that's covered in a solid candy coating in a rainbow of earthy colors!

What makes chocolate rocks so delicious isn't just their taste, but also their appearance. Each stone looks just like the real thing! The candy coating creates lovely texture while each chocolate is uniquely shaped Ð just like real rocks. This assortment includes a variety of hues, ranging from slate blue to burnt orange and black.

Grab a handful or enjoy one at a time. No matter which color you choose, each offers the same amazing chocolate taste. Our bulk chocolate rocks are a must-have for cake decorating and special occasions!

SKU: K334982

1200 pieces per pound

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