Clark Bars - 24ct

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Clark Bars are a lesser-known competitor in the chocolate-and-peanut-butter arena, but this crunchy alternative to candies like Butterfinger has its own cheering section! A slightly darker taste to the chocolate coating and a fresh, tasty snap to the crispy peanut butter interior make Clark Bars popular.

For those who like their candy strong and satisfying , and don't ask us how we know this - but they're weirdly amazing with espresso. Once you've sampled the goodness of the Clark Bars in this wholesale box, you won't be surprised that the recipe used today is the same one developed in the 1880s.

That's right: Clark Bars have been pleasing sweet tooths for well over a century! The simple, statement wrapper design makes it clear that Clark Bars are all about substance, not flash, as does the simple pairing of peanut butter crunch with tasty chocolate coating.

Certified Kosher Candy

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