Crunch Minis Wrapped - 5lb

Crunch Minis Wrapped - 5lb
  • $48.99

An irresistible blend of smooth milk chocolate and crisped rice!

Price per pound: $9.80

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Nestle Crunch candy bars offer an irresistible blend of smooth milk chocolate and crisped rice. Every bite is packed with both ingredients to give your taste buds the best flavor in every bite.

Now you can enjoy your favorite chocolate candy bar in smaller portions with our mini Crunch bars! You get the same great combination but in a bar that's a couple bites long. Our bulk mini Crunch candy bars come individually wrapped so they stay fresh. Add them to your Halloween candy bowl or use as sweet stocking stuffers.

Miniature candy bars are also a great choice for party favors and gifts. The small size fits easily into small tins, bags or boxes and are wonderful when serving groups of children. Whether you're filling the office candy jar or looking for a reward to hand out in the classroom, our bulk Nestle Crunch mini candy bars are a must-try!

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