Cry Baby Gumballs - 850ct

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Cry Baby super sour bubble gum!

38 pieces per pound

Price per unit: $0.11

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Cry Babies are sour enough. But if you still are looking for more, then these Cry Baby Gumballs are a perfect choice for you! In big sour gumballs, you can munch on the tartness for hours and watch the tears stream down your face with every chew.

Surprise your household by swapping regular gumballs for these Cry Baby Gumballs! Just fill your gumball machines and see how everyone reacts at their first chomp. You can even leave these Cry Baby Gumballs in their individual wrappers and stuff them into pinatas, stockings or gift baskets. Whatever you do, you'll be puckering and crying while you eat these Cry Baby Gumballs!

SKU: R330654

38 pieces per pound

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