Dove Chocolate Bars - 18ct

Dove Chocolate Bars - 18ct
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This delicious chocolate takes its name from a peacemaker!

Price per bar: $1.00

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This delicious chocolate takes its name from a peacemaker. And we think that is well fitting because the relaxing, tranquility that this delicious candy provides every eater. This bulk selection of Dove Chocolate Bars will provide you with many melty hours of sheer bliss.

With a mini message in every foil wrapper, these dove chocolates make every occasion more special. Bring them to a wedding for lucky guests to savor, use them as party favors for your closest friends and family, or even stock up your pantry to break these chocolate bars into all of your homemade baked goods. Not eating them all at once will be the hard part!

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Flavor List

Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate.

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