Dubble Bubble Gum - 5lb

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68 pieces per pound

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What's pink, chewy, and was eaten by the ancient Greeks and the Mayans centuries ago? Bubblegum! Bet you didn't know gum had such a historic past. Now that you do, bring a bag of this delicious, classic Dubble Bubble Gum home for your family to try.

Individually wrapped with the power to blow monstrous bubbles, these little bubblegums make the perfect choice to fill a piミata, add to a birthday candy buffet bar, or to use as filler candy in a present. You can even bring a bag of Dubble Bubble to a baseball game and chew along with the players. Whatever you do, you'll love chewing, tasting, and blowing bubbles with this time-tested favorite.

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68 pieces per pound

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