Extra Peppermint - 10ct

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Extra peppermint gum is a great way to make your mouth feel fresh and clean. Wrigley produces some of the world's most popular candy and gum products. Extra ranks high thanks to its refreshing taste. Each piece is sugar-free so you can keep gums and teeth healthy while you chew. Just open the package, unwrap a stick and pop it in your mouth for long lasting peppermint flavor!

Our handy bulk gum box gives you large quantities for any occasion. Order a box or two to keep at home to satisfy your urge to chew. Gum can also help curb cravings while dieting. If you love to share, then why not take a box of Extra peppermint gum into the office to share with coworkers. Everyone will appreciate your generosity and who knows, maybe someone will return the favor by bringing in a box of their favorite Extra sugar-free gum flavors!

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