Fives Rain Gum - 10ct

Fives Rain Gum - 10ct
  • $30.99

It's impossible to resist the allure of Fives chewing gum!

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It's impossible to resist the allure of Fives chewing gum. Wrigley has created a sleek package and mouthwatering flavor that freshens as you chew. Fives Rain gum introduces the collection to the cool, invigorating taste of spearmint. Gum is a lifesaver when trying to curb diet cravings. It's also a breath freshening necessity that no diner should be without. Whether you're headed to your favorite restaurant or somewhere else, make sure you have a pack of Fives gum ready to go!

Fives is like the next step in the evolution of chewing gum. This unique brand was named for the five senses. Once you open a pack, it's easy to see why. You'll love the look and feel of the package as well as the sweet scent, smooth texture and undeniable spearmint taste that comes with every stick. Excite all your senses with the cool, energized taste of Fives Rain chewing gum!

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