Flicks Chocolate Wafers Tubes - 12ct

Flicks Chocolate Wafers Tubes - 12ct CandyStore.com
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Get ready for a colossal crunch! Flicks Chocolate Wafer Tubes are chocolate coated wafer candies, so every time you munch down, they'll crackle under your eager chompers. In individual tubes, these chocolate wafers are the perfect candy to sell at a sporting event in the snack tent.

They are also great to give out as candy on Halloween to happy trick-or-treaters, stuff into stockings, add to the top of cakes and cupcakes or even sprinkle over ice cream. If you want to get really creative, even use some in a homemade ice cream cake as the layer between ice cream flavors. These Flicks Chocolate Wafer Tubes are just so good that they'll inspire all sorts of culinary creativity.

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