Assorted Fruit Sours Candy Balls - 5lb

  • $37.99

Yummy rainbow assorted fruit sours candies are soft, chewy and festive! Sour apple, lemon, tangerine, grape, cherry provide the green, yellow, orange, purple and red colors and are perfect for celebrating a birthday with sour candy.

Price per pound: $7.60

Product Details

Holy Moly! These tart Assorted Fruit Sours Candies deliver an unrelenting pucker with delicious, fruity flavor. In sour apple, lemon, tangerine, grape, and cherry, there's a flavor for everyone. Bring some to a birthday party, add some to a lemonade for a sour, fruity flavor addition and pretty garnish, or keep them around the house when you're in the mood for a feisty snack.

One of the sourest candies to grace the mouths of many, these little pucker-packed candies will please every sour candy lover. Their rainbow of beautiful, bright colors may look unsuspecting, but get ready for a dose of tartness that will thrill your taste buds!

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