Fruit Stripe Bubblegum Packs - 12ct

  • $26.99

Fruit Stripes 5-flavored bubble gum - with temporary tattoos!

Price per unit: $2.25

Product Details

Fruit Stripe bubble gum offers a wild assortment of cherry, grape, lemon, cotton candy and mixed fruit in every package! Each stick arrives individually wrapped and featuring the famous zebra stripe print in a variety of outrageous color combinations. This 1960s retro candy offers the same irresistible sweetness and unique look that has fascinated gum lovers for generations!

Calm sweet cravings with the delicious taste of Fruit Stripe chewing gum! Instead of reaching for a fatty treat, pop a stick in your mouth and enjoy the burst of fruit flavor. Bulk gum packs are a great way to save money and keep your favorite go-to treat in stock in your kitchen or the office! Hide a few packs in your purse, car or pocket so you have enough to share while on the go. Kids will also love the colorful look and amazing taste of Fruit Stripes gum. Toss them in Christmas stockings during the holidays or use them to add a bit of tasty variety to your Halloween candy bowl.

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