Haribo Berries Gummi Candy 5oz Bag - 12ct

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Classic Haribo German berries gummi candy in fun bags!

Price per unit: $3.00

Product Details

Haribo Berries recreate the sweet taste of the popular German raspberry in an irresistible confection! Each bag contains a combination of red and black berry candies. Instead of sticking with plain gummies, Haribo creates a smooth, chewy center that's covered in dainty orbs of sugary goodness. Every bite presents two distinct textures in one tasty tidbit! Order our bulk raspberry candies for special events or snacking at home.

Whether you're hosting a party, picnic, school event or wedding, our German raspberries are a great choice! Haribo has been serving up some of the most delectable gummy candies for nearly a century. Today their catalog includes many unique confections that offer mouthwatering flavor in little bite sized pieces. Our bulk German raspberries are easy to store so you can hide a bag in your favorite snacking spots so you're ready the next time your sweet tooth strikes! Haribo gummy candy will tempt taste buds and satisfy cravings.

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