Giant Licks Lollipops - 30ct Tub

Giant Licks Lollipops - 30ct Tub
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Price per pop: $2.67

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Giant Licks lollipops offer everything you could ever want in hard candy on a stick! Enjoy the smooth, sweet taste of a fruit flavored lollipop with a more exciting size and look. Each Giant Licks lolly includes a crazy swirl of brilliant color.

Try a yellow lollipop with bright red swirls or a white pop with purple or a combination of red and blue! They may look like enormous marbles on a stick, but our Giant Licks lollipops taste just as good as your favorite hard candy treats! Each is individually wrapped in clear plastic so you can see the color combination before you choose one.

Our bulk Giant Licks lollipop tub is a must-have for special events and birthday parties. Use them to create fun favors for kids or tie on ribbons and tags to give out as baby shower favors. Adults and children alike will love the sweet fruit taste of each Giant Licks lollipop!

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