Glee All Natural Gum - 12ct

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All natural and delicious!

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Product Details

Vintage packaging completes the experience of chewing gum made the way it was meant to be! Glee All-Natural Gum comes in your choice of classic flavors: fiery cinnamon, refreshing peppermint, or bright and juicy tangerine.

These delicious chewing-gum nuggets' claim to fame? They're still made with real and natural chicle from the rainforest trees that have always provided the springy chew of nostalgic candy gum! Glee Gum boxes provide a great retro package design that looks phenomenal in gift baskets and welcome bags while recalling movie-theater boxes of everyone's favorite nostalgic sweets.

This bulk order of Glee All-Natural Gum is the perfect treat for old-school wedding receptions or milestone birthday parties. An after-dessert sweet that lasts, Glee is also perfect for sharing because of its convenient packaging as a portion of glossy little individual bites!

SKU: U324246

Flavor List

Peppermint, Tangerine or Cinnamon.

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