Gold Nugget Choco Rocks - 5lb Bulk

Gold Nugget Choco Rocks - 5lb Bulk
  • $43.99

Little pebbles of golden nugget rock-like chocolate candy!

Price per pound: $8.80

Product Details

Gold nugget choco rocks are one of the most fascinating and unique candies available! This treat is unlike any other chocolate snack. Every piece features an original shape that looks much like natural rocks.

The surface is covered in a luxurious gold shell that produces an alluring shimmer that looks very realistic, right down to the fine gravelly texture that runs along all sides. While these chocolate nuggets look like rocks, they taste amazing! Don't worry, you won't break any teeth when you bite down on each rich piece. The candy coating on the outside provides a crunch while smooth, irresistible chocolate hides within, just waiting to take your taste buds on a sweet adventure!

Our bulk gold nugget choco rocks are perfect for many occasions. Use them to fill a pot of gold at your next St. Patrick's Day party. Choco rocks are also great for decorating baked goods and edible decor!

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