Good & Fruity Theater - 12ct

Good & Fruity Theater - 12ct
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5 ounces per box

Price per unit: $1.75

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Good & Fruity candy offers something more exciting for people who want more than what classic Good & Plenty has to offer. This version features the same capsule shape and smooth, chewy texture. Unlike the original, Good & Fruity contains an assortment of sweet flavors including orange, cherry, blue raspberry, lemon and lime.

Our bulk Good & Fruity theater boxes are a great choice for any gathering! Make family movie night even better by handing out these individual boxes. The kids will love having their own private concession stand! Individual boxes are also an easy solution when snacking on the go. Bring them with you or keep them in the car, at work or anywhere you might crave that sweet, fruity flavor! Give out full boxes as Halloween candy or round out your stocking stuffer list at Christmas. Kids will also enjoy Good & Fruity candy as an after school snack!

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5 ounces per box

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