Green Irish Mocha Bean Chocolates - 5lb

Green Irish Mocha Bean Chocolates - 5lb
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What could be better than the taste of mocha and chocolate? How about those two irresistibly rich flavors combined into one Irish themed treat! Our green Irish mocha bean chocolates are truly one-of-a-kind, with a bold taste that's full bodied and sweet.

Each morsel is shaped like a real coffee bean, with round ends and an oval profile. Each bite includes chocolate and mocha with a gorgeous green candy exterior. Bulk mocha bean chocolates are a tasty choice for a wide range of events and situations. Keep them on hand as a quick and satisfying snack to enjoy on busy days.

The deep green color looks stunning when put out for guests at St. Patrick's Day parties. Green candy also looks amazing during the winter holidays. Use our mocha bean chocolates as stocking stuffers or include them as part of a gourmet gift. Pour a handful into a tulle bag to create elegant and edible wedding favors!

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