Gumball Smiles - 850ct

Gumball Smiles - 850ct
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What could be better than a yellow gumball? How about one that also has a cheerful smiley face! Our gumball smiles are one of the happiest candies you will ever put in your mouth.

If you want to create fun atmosphere for a party or lift someone's spirits, these happy-go-lucky confections are a great place to start. Each piece is round with a solid yellow exterior and black smile with matching eyes printed on one side.

Admire the charming expression then take a bite and discover why our gumballs are so delicious! Each is soft, chewy and packed with sweet flavor. Our bulk gumball smiles are convenient when making birthday party favors.

Businesses can give them out to customers as a special thank you that's sure to make them smile! Add them to a gift basket and spread the good cheer among friends and family. Gumball smiles are also a must-have at your next candy buffet!

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