Gumby & Pokey Gummy Candy - 5lb

Gumby & Pokey Gummy Candy - 5lb
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One of the most dynamic duos of all time, Gumby and Pokey, are now available in a delicious sweet Gumby & Pokey Gummy Candy! The adorable, orange Pokey, and the iconic green, Gumby, are their normal, flexible and fun selves but on steroids when it comes to how delicious they taste. With a tasty fruity flavor and addicting chew, you'll love munching on this Gumby & Pokey Gummy Candy.

If you have friends or family that grew up with this famous TV show, order some Gumby & Pokey Gummy Candy to surprise them with the next time you get together. Even share this piece of history with your children when you give them a few pieces of Gumby & Pokey Gummy Candy.

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