Gummi Brains - 5lb

Gummi Brains - 5lb
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Watch out Einstein and Stephen Hawkins!

Price per pound: $6.60

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Watch out Einstein and Stephen Hawkins! These little brainiacs have a tasty IQ of 16, too. Make your taste buds all the smarter with a mouthful of these Gummi Brains. With about 59 delicious cranial candies in every order, you'll feel smarter with every chew.

Get them to gross out a co-worker or provide them with a sweet treat, stock up on some for a Frankenstein-themed Halloween party, or even get some for a recent high school or college graduate that you're proud of. These gummies will make you think every time you take a bite. We're sure you'll love their smart, fruity flavor in a variety of colors.

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