Haribo Frogs Gummi Candy 5oz Bag - 12ct

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Classic Haribo frogs gummi candy in fun bags!

Price per unit: $3.00

Product Details

Everyone will jump for joy when they get a taste of Haribo gummy frogs! These little green candies aren't slippery and slimy, but they offer a smooth, soft texture that's pleasant on the tongue. Each piece includes fun details that recreate this popular amphibian - right down to its folded legs, round head and raised back. Our gummy frogs are solid green and arrive fresh in sealed bags that are ready to enjoy!

Hide gummi frogs around the house or save them to put in school lunches for the kids. These charming croakers are also great for serving at birthday parties, picnics and school events. Put them in a bowl or use them to dress up cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more! No matter how you display them, our Haribo gummy candies will entice children of all ages. Order our bulk candy pack so you have plenty of chewy frogs for any occasion!

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