Gummi Strawberry Puffs Candy - 6.6lb

Gummi Strawberry Puffs - 6.6lb
  • $45.99

A chewy, soft pink puff candy with artisanal strawberry flavor and a sweet crystal sugar coating, perfect for movie nights or a pick-me-up.

75 pieces per pound (495 total)

Price per pound: $6.97

Product Details

Gummy strawberry puffs are light, fluffy and full of sweet flavor! Each chewy bite is like an afternoon spent picking berries, with the promise of fresh baked pies and canned preserves afterwards!

Gummy strawberries puffs include a unique rounded wedge shape with a wider, flat bottom in creamy white and a narrower dome top in vibrant red. It's like a bowl full of ripe strawberries and smooth cream in every morsel! Get your fruit fix with our bulk gummy strawberry puffs. Each package contains larger quantities so you have enough to enjoy or share.

Use them to keep the office candy jar filled or save them at home for when guests arrive. They also make a quick treat for kids and adults on busy days. Enjoy alone or combine with any of our other fruit flavored gummies to create your own handpicked assortment for events, candy buffets, parties, holidays or just because!

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75 pieces per pound (495 total)

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