I Love Lucy Vitameatavegamin Red Hots Bottles - 18ct

I Love Lucy Vitameatavegamin Red Hots Bottles - 18ct CandyStore.com
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What could be better than a classic candy with nostalgic packaging inspired by classic television? Our spicy Red Hots are now available in I Love Lucy themed Vitameatavegamin bottles! Each bite includes a small dot that's bright red. Each bite is full of intense cinnamon flavor.

Be warned, this fiery confection is not for the weak willed or weak of tongue! Our bulk Red Hots include a stylish box with a nostalgic design. Each container features a dark bottle shape with a black cape that is sealed until you open it. The outside is decorated in a wrapper printed in the famous Vitameatavegamin health tonic from the Lucy Does a TV Commercial episode.

Don't worry, this elixir does not contain the meat, vitamins, minerals and vegetables like the original fictitious product did in the show! Instead you get a generous helping of cinnamon Red Hots candy! This fun novelty candy is a great choice for I Love Lucy fans and anyone with a fondness for classic television.

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