Jawbreakers Bruiser - 1 3/4 inch - 24lb

Jawbreakers Bruiser - 1 3/4 inch - 24lb CandyStore.com
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Massive color-splattered jawbreakers!

8 jawbreakers per pound

Price per pound: $5.04

Product Details

Have you ever been enjoying a jawbreaker, or any other hard candy, that didn't last long enough to even get attached to the flavor? It is so disappointing when you don't get a satisfying experience out of it. This is not a feeling you will have with these Jawbreakers Bruisers candies.

These massive color-splattered jawbreakers are almost 2 inches in diameter. They fill your mouth with a flavor explosion and last a really long time. In fact, pop one of these in your mouth before a movie or when you get a sweet craving mid-afternoon, and it could save you from binging on high-calorie food.

Jawbreakers Bruisers candies are irresistible. They are the perfect addition to nearly any candy buffet, and the multicolored shell complements surrounding candies perfectly. Place them by red treats at Valentine's Day and by orange ones at Halloween. They will look great anywhere! Fill a candy dish with them at work or skip the gum in your gumball machine and put these Jawbreakers Bruisers candies inside instead.

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8 jawbreakers per pound

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