Bizarre Jawbreakers 2 1/4-inch - 24lb

Bizarre Jawbreakers 2 1/4-inch - 24lb
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Massive jawbreakers come in a variety of fun color!

Price per unit: $1.55

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These 2. 25-inch Bizarre Jawbreakers must look at small jawbreakers and think, "Oh, aren't you cute. " Pop one of these things in your mouth and you will never be satisfied by a small one again.

Jawbreakers should be invasive, right? Otherwise, what's the point? These massive Bizarre Jawbreakers come in a variety of fun colors, including yellow, green, orange, red, and white. Don't worry about not getting enough of your favorite color either.

With 24 pounds included in this bulk supply, there is plenty of every flavor. These sweet candies last so long they are perfect for those trying to avoid afternoon or late night binges on junk food.

One might even last you through an entire movie. True to jawbreaker nature, the flavor does not fade either. Bizarre Jawbreakers are just as yummy in the end as they are in the beginning.

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