Jumbo Vanilla Marshmallow Chocolates - 5lb

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Milk chocolate covered marshmallow made with the finest ingredients!

12 chocolates per pound

Price per pound: $14.20

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Product Details

Kids and adults alike love the soft, gooey taste of classic marshmallows. Our jumbo vanilla marshmallow chocolates takes that same famous taste and enhances it with a combination of vanilla and chocolate!

Each piece includes a bite-size marshmallow center with a hint of sweet vanilla. The outside is covered in a smooth, satiny layer of delectable chocolate. This one-of-a-kind gourmet candy is available in both dark and milk chocolate varieties. Both offers the same amazingly fluffy texture and taste that makes these confections so irresistible!

Our jumbo vanilla marshmallow chocolates are a great way to add to tables at receptions and showers. Put them on a decorative tray or add them to wedding favors so your guests have something sweet to take with them after the festivities!

Bulk marshmallow chocolates are the best way to save money and still get a high quality confection that's perfect for any situation, whether you're planning a major event or hanging out at home snacking!

Certified Kosher Candy

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12 chocolates per pound

Flavor List

Milk or Dark Chocolate

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