Kit Kat Minis Bars King Size Bags - 12ct

  • $49.99

A smaller size Kit Kat in a larger sized bag!

2.2 ounces per bar

Price per unit: $4.17

Product Details

Kit Kat minis candy bars offer a smaller size that's easier to eat and just as enjoyable as the full size treat! Each piece contains a crispy wafer biscuit that's smothered in an even layer of milk chocolate. The result is a sweet confection with a delicious crunch that is sure to satisfy even the most demanding cravings.

Bulk Kit Kat minis will give you more to love when snacking! Your favorite candy bar will always be waiting when you have one of these boxes in your pantry. Enjoy them as a quick dessert after dinner or take with you during the day so you can eat and go! Tear open the individual bags and use as an ice cream topping or pour them into a bowl to offer guests. Our king size Kit Kat minis also make great party favors. Add to a gift basket or set them out on food tables at events so there's something sweet for everyone!

SKU: R329370

2.2 ounces per bar

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