Kookaburra Cut Liquorice - Black & Red - 12oz. Tub

Kookaburra Cut Liquorice - Black & Red - 12oz. Tub CandyStore.com
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Kookaburra cut licorice harkens back to simpler times when old fashioned candy was the best thing a kid could eat! These classic tidbits bring the flavors from that bygone era to the present so you can relive those fond childhood memories!

Each tub of black and red licorice contains a generous quantity of individual pieces so you have plenty to enjoy at home or share. Set them out at parties, picnics and other gatherings to make the occasion even more memorable! Kookaburra cut licorice candy uses real licorice extract so you get a gourmet experience in every bite.

As soon as you open the lid, you'll notice how aromatic these candies are. It's difficult to resist the rich taste which satisfies young and old alike! Savor old fashioned licorice taste in a product that's fresh, soft and so delicious! Keep a tub or two on hand so you always have a sweet snack ready to eat.

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Black or Red.

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