Honees Milk-N-Honey Bars Ambrosoli - 24ct

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Oh, honey. Hard candy shell, liquid honey filled center whipped with sweet milk. Mmh!

9 pieces per pack

Price per unit: $1.96

Product Details

Honees milk & honey drops are a delicious treat that will warm your taste buds. Enjoy a relaxing snack session with two rich flavors packed into one bite-sized confection. Honees begin with a hard candy shell. Once that's gone, your mouth will discover the liquid honey filled center. This version includes liquid honey whipped with sweet milk. Grab a package of these Italian made Honees from Ambrosoli so you have something delicious to enjoy while on the go!

SKU: C324503

9 pieces per pack


sugar, corn syrup, honey, butter, and natural flavors

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