Milk Chocolate Cashew Cluster - 5lb

Milk Chocolate Cashew Cluster - 5lb
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Indulge in Asher's® timeless combination of creamy milk chocolate and crunchy cashews.

Price per pound: $18.60

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Why are cashews and chocolate so good together? We don't have an answer, just a lot of evidence to prove what a great pair they make , and Milk Chocolate Cashew Clusters are Exhibit A in the case for chocolate cashew goodness!

These nutty candies make a great autumnal treat, but they're tasty no matter when you eat them. Bulk cashew clusters have a decadent look with their naturally irregular shape, showing off the richness of the chocolate you're about to bite into. Great for traditional candy shops and striking on a tiny plate to introduce a dinner-party dessert, wholesale Milk Chocolate Cashew Clusters are endlessly popular for their perfect texture mix and dark, rich look.

Stock up on candy you know you'll love with these high-quality clusters of chocolate and nuts. Each rich, luscious bite of these nutty chocolate candies will introduce you to chocolate's deliciousness all over again!

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