M&M's Share Size Milk Chocolate & Peanut - 24ct

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Enjoy the classic chocolatey crunch of M&M's in a convenient, sharable size with recognizable packaging.

Price per pack: $2.96

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Product Details

Long live the King Size M&M's! Unfortunately, due to their addicting and absolutely scrumptious nature, we're not sure that their life expectancy will last beyond a few minutes with a hungry crowd! That's why we offer these King Size M&M's in their colossal size: so that plenty of people can munch, chew, and chomp on these tasty little chocolates.

Since these King Size M&M's are fit for a king when it comes to flavor and style, they make a perfect addition to gift baskets, Christmas stockings, birthday packages and especially birthday parties. Empty a box into a bowl for kids to use in an ice cream sundae bar or to eat by the handful between pizza and dessert. If you have a family with a big appetite for sweets, these King Size M&M's will keep you satisfied for a long time.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: WP320303

Flavor List

Milk Chocolate or Peanut.

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