Neon Squiggles Gummi Worms Candy Trolli - 12ct

Neon Squiggles Gummi Worms Candy Trolli - 12ct
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Trolli Squiggles are classic gummi worms with a soft, fruity flavor and intense chew in vibrant peg bags.

Price per unit: $3.08

Product Details

Neon Squiggles gummy worms are fun, colorful and always ready to eat! Everyone loves the soft, chewy taste of classic gummy worms. This popular treat was actually created to honor the 60th birthday of the gummy bear.

Even though they came later, gummy worms are just as delicious and preferred by many candy lovers because of their long, bendable shape! Each gummy worm includes a narrow body with rounded ends. The back is covered in a segmented pattern that looks similar to the body of a real worm. The bottom is flat so it sits upright on flat surfaces. You get multiple colors in every worm!

Taste yellow, red, white and green in every Trolli Squiggles bag! Our bulk gummy worms are convenient for birthday parties and more. Use them to fill party favors or add a fun touch by decorating cakes with these chewy worm candies. Everyone will love the sweet taste and playful look of Trolli Neon Squiggles gummy worms!

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